Installation guidelines

Whether you need to replace a belt drive system or components of a cooling system, here you can find advice from Gates experts. In practice-oriented step-by-step instructions you can read how to replace for example a timing belt, a tensioner, a car hose, a thermostat and many more. Gates is one of the world's largest manufacturers of belts, tensioners and hoses for OE and the aftermarket and offers these guidelines to help you to install the right parts first time, every time.

Installation belts and kits

Installing Belts and Kits

Correct belt installation is crucial for a good performance of the engine. Check here our recommendations for replacing Micro-V belts, timing belts and elastic belts.

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Installing metals

Installing metal parts

Tensioners, torsional vibration dampers and overrunning alternator pulleys make vital contributions to accessory belt drive systems. Learn more.

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Water pumps

Installing water pumps

Water pump failure can cause catastrophic engine damage, change the water pump with the belt kit. View installation guidelines here.

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