Guidelines for replacing tensioners, TVDs and OAPs in accessory belt drive systems

The metal parts in drive systems help to manage the tension of the belt, control vibrations, help to reduce noise and to prolong component life. Tensioners ensure that belts operate at the correct tension and must be installed according to the recommended procedures. Torsional vibration dampers control vibrations at the crankshaft, help to reduce noise and help to reduce wear in the system. However, absorbing all these vibrations subjects them to wear, which eventually compromises their performance. Overrunning alternator pulleys absorb vibrations and speed fluctuations, reducing wear and tear. They also allow the use of alternators with increased power output. Here below you will find full guidelines for replacing all these parts.

Gates recommends that all wear parts are replaced at the same time to ensure the best long-term solution. Belt kits ensure that all parts are engineered to work perfectly together.