Universal tools for efficient service

Our aim is to provide professional car mechanics with quality solutions for every requirement − including tooling. That's why Gates provides numerous universal tools such as a belt tension tester and tension gauges, a pulley alignment tool plus fitting and maintenance tools for use on all common vehicle models. These tools facilitate the installation and maintenance of our automotive products.


STT-1 sonic tension tester

The tension of a belt in a drive system − whether it's a timing belt or multi-ribbed belt − is crucial. Don't leave things up to your instincts, but base your work on a precise value.

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DriveAlign laser alignment tool

Accurate pulley alignment is very important in maximising the performance and longevity of accessory belt drive systems. Correcting misalignment is not always easy, so this tool can be very helpful.

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Power Clean flush tool

Proper flushing is one of the most critical elements of cooling system maintenance. Discover this unique tool for in-depth cleaning of the complete cooling system.

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