Warranty for Gates automotive replacement parts


Gates products are warranted to be free from defects in material, design (if design is provided by Gates) and workmanship at the time of delivery, and to be in accordance with their manufacturing or agreed specifications.

Gates products – with the exception of Roadmax belts and HD water pumps  – are warranted for maximum two years or 100,000km/60,000mi if the products are correctly installed (by a professional installer using the correct tools and following the OE or Gates application installation instructions). Roadmax belts are priced-by-performance belts for older vehicle models, to complement the Gates premium range. Unlike the warranty term for other Gates products – Roadmax MV belts are warranted for maximum two years or 50.000 km/30,000mi; Roadmax Timing belts are warranted for maximum two years or 40.000 km/25,000mi, and HD water pumps are warranted for maximum two years or 250.000kms/156.000mi, whichever occurs first.

The product-relevant service interval indicated by the manufacturer of the application is only restrictive on above-mentioned warranty period.

In all warranty cases relevant Gates products will be audited by a specialist from Gates at a Gates Technical Centre, in order to determine the validity or not of the claim. This analysis will be based on:

  • Defective product analysis
  • Technical evaluation and observations
  • Installation conditions, if possible
  • Conditions of use
  • Applicable OE recommendations

Gates will handle all warranty claims with the highest priority and attention in order to satisfy the customer and to implement all necessary improvements in product quality and technical support/training.

Warranty process

To submit a warranty claim, please contact the dealer where you bought the Gates part and describe the problem. The dealer will assess if the problem needs to be audited by a specialist from Gates on site, or if the Gates part (and all components associated with the claim) need to be returned to a Gates Technical Centre. They will inform you which documents you need to provide when submitting the claim and will return all relevant parts and supporting documentation for you.


The Gates warranty does not cover:

  • Incorrect handling and storage conditions
  • Defect arising from fair wear and tear on the product
  • Installation by a non-professional garage
  • Installation outside the state of the art and without the suitable tools
  • Installation, maintenance and replacement outside the Gates and OE written instructions
  • Adverse conditions of use (customization, racing, etc…)
  • Contamination of the Gates product by a foreign body, aggressive fluids…
  • Failure initiated by a non-Gates product
  • Use of counterfeited parts