High-performing belts for powersports

Don’t let belt failure cost your customer the race! Gates G-Force® belts stand for precise OE fit with drop-in performance and extreme durability thanks to their advanced aramid tensile cord construction. For high-speed powersports applications, step up to Gates G-Force® C12® belts with carbon tensile cords, providing even greater toughness and longevity.


G-Force CVT belts

Tested under extreme conditions, G-Force® CVT belts have proven to be extremely durable thanks to the advanced aramid tensile cords used in the construction. Find out more!

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G-Force C12 CVT belts

Utilising a carbon tensile cord, the innovative G-Force® C12® CVT belts are designed for top-performance and are championed by a multitude of powersport racing champions. Read more!

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