Engine-specific tools for perfect timing belt replacement

Perfect installation is essential for optimum performance and reliability of timing belt drives. Timing belt replacement in modern vehicles has become a specialist task and in most cases now requires engine-specific tools to complete the job correctly.

To permit safe and professional work and ensure correct installation in line with manufacturer recommendations, Gates provides you with all timing belt tools needed to correctly install and maintain the timing belt drive on a specific engine platform.

Smart packaging brings clarity

The packaging of Gates PowerGrip® timing belts (individually packed or in kit) contains a reference to the appropriate engine-specific tool if applicable. This saves you valuable time.
Installation instructions are also included in our kit product boxes, containing concise step-by-step guidelines together with clear belt routing diagrams and illustrations.

Timing belt change imminent?

Simply enter your vehicle make and model into our CATALOGUE here below and it will deliver you the appropriate timing belt reference together with other useful information such as the correct engine-specific tool, drive layout and technical tips.