PowerGrip belts

Today’s highly sophisticated car engines operate at higher temperatures and higher speeds. Also, pulley diameters are smaller to save space under the bonnet and practically all engines now have overhead camshafts. These increasingly severe conditions put more stress on timing belts. For maximum durability and to avoid premature engine failure, only OE-quality belts should be used for timing belt replacement.

Gates supplies the best manufacturers in the automotive industry with OE timing belts
. Our PowerGrip® timing belts are manufactured to the same tough OE requirements. What is more, our belts are at the forefront of technology with their PTFE technology.

PTFE lubricated jacket

Extra protection: PTFE technology increases wear resistance and reduces friction on the toothed and/or backside of the belt.

Built to perform

  • Manufactured with durable and reinforced rubber compounds (HSN) to resist temperature extremes and to protect the belt against grease, oil drops, moisture and wear
  • Precision-formed teeth provide positive engagement with the mating grooves on the sprocket and reduce noise level
  • Trapezoidal, curvilinear and modified curvilinear tooth profile, depending on the application
  • Helically wound tensile cords, made of fibreglass, provide increased flexibility and resistance to elongation

Quality tools

Gates is the only timing belt manufacturer who provides the products and the appropriate engine-specific tools to correctly install and maintain the synchronous belt drive system.