Diagnosing belt drive and cooling system problems

Expensive, inconvenient repairs can be avoided if you know where and how to look for potential issues. Gates has developed simple-to-use fault diagnosis guidelines to inspect accessory belts, timing belts, tensioners, torsional vibration dampers, overrunning alternator pulleys, hoses, thermostats, water pumps and pressure caps and to establish why a component failed so that the right corrective action can be taken.

This information will help you detect a belt drive or cooling system component that is past its service life and prevent premature failure, so you can keep customers on the road.


Accessory Belt Drive System

Engines increasingly depend upon the reliability of the accessory belt drive system to run trouble-free. Check our guidelines that will help you detect an accessory belt drive component that is past its service life!

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Cooling System

The cooling system is one of the most critical elements of engine reliability and efficiency. Don't risk premature failure by ignoring the cooling system and add it to your service menu!

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Synchronous Belt Drive System

A broken timing belt can cause catastrophic engine damage, therefore it is vital to keep it in good operating condition. View our guidelines that will help you in spotting timing belt problems and correcting them!

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