Re-usable tools to safely mount elastic belts

Elastic belts require different installation techniques than traditional auxiliary belts with tensioners. Only with the right tool you can be sure the elastic belt will not be damaged when mounted.

A range of Stretch Fit® tools (SFT) has been introduced alongside our Gates Stretch Fit® elastic belts to provide essential support: universal SFT tools that cover a very wide range of vehicle applications and, where needed, engine-specific SFT tools that cover specific car makes and engines. They ease installation, ensure perfect fitting, prevent damage to the belt and also protect the hands of the installer. And unlike other suppliers, all Gates Stretch Fit® tools are re-usable and available separately so you are not forced to pay for a disposable tool every time a belt is installed.

Smart packaging brings clarity

The sleeve of Gates Stretch Fit® elastic belts contains a reference to the appropriate installation tool. This saves you valuable time.

Installation instructions are also printed on the inside of the belt sleeve, showing where and how to use the tool and fit the elastic belt.

Elastic belt change imminent?

Simply enter your vehicle make and model into our CATALOGUE here below and it will deliver you the appropriate elastic belt reference together with other useful information such as the correct elastic belt installation tool, drive layout and installation instructions.