Gates, leading the way in OE quality

with the new generation Micro-V® belts

MICRO-V® The OE standard in multi-ribbed belts

As a trusted OE development partner for the automotive industry worldwide, Gates auxiliary belts are OE on many of the world’s finest car brands. This puts us in pole position to provide the aftermarket with OE technology, like the new generation Micro-V® multi-ribbed belts.

Gates Micro-V OE technology

High-tech materials

Gates Micro-V® multi-ribbed belts are made from EPDM, which considerably extends belt service life. Advanced tensile cord materials provide the necessary strength and durability.

High-tech materials

OE technology in compound, cords & ribs

OE manufacturers are constantly evaluating belt performance and making updates to improve belt (drive) design. Gates Micro-V® accessory belts match the latest OE construction features.

OE technology in compound, cords & ribs

Patterned back

Gates OE belts increasingly feature a pattern on the reverse side. The Gates Micro-V® aftermarket range follows the OE lead.

Patterned back

A full range

As an OE development partner, Gates knows the versatile engine designs in today’s passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Different belts are needed to accommodate variations in OE design. The Gates Micro-V® range includes 4 different belt types to ensure it provides the optimum solution for each specific application.


The all-rounder

Designed for a direct replacement on 90% of the European car parc

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The elastic belt

Designed for cars equipped with stretch-type belts without tensioner

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The stop-start belt

Designed for cars equipped with a belt-driven stop-start system

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The belt for sensitive drives

Designed to be the best belt option for specific cars associated with sensitive belt drives

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Examples of Gates OE partnerships

At Gates, we design, manufacture and supply tailored multi-ribbed belt solutions for major car manufacturers, working in close collaboration with their engineering departments. Our multi-ribbed belts are OE on many of the world’s finest car brands. They make engines perform at their best. Gates aftermarket belts are always manufactured to the same technology and quality standards as Gates OE belts.


N20 petrol engine - 1.6 & 2.0L

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DV6 diesel engine - 1.6 D

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EA288 diesel engine - 1.6 &  2.0 D

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4-cylinder petrol engine - 1.6  & 2.0L

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Belt drive service tips ?

Putting a new belt on worn metal parts is never a good idea. Prevent costly comebacks with expert tips on how to inspect and service the Accessory Belt Drive System.

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Read more about the features of the Gates Micro-V® product families and discover how they cover all technical needs.

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Where to buy Micro-V® belts?

All Gates parts are exclusively sold through a global network of dealers. For any specific part, please go to your nearest dealer. To find the right Gates Micro-V® belt for your vehicle, use the Gates part finder.