The high-performance platforms of today place greater power transmission demands on belt technology more than ever before. Rapid acceleration and high variable torque loads generate tremendous compression and excessive heat which degrade belt performance.

Gates® G-Force RedLine™ CVT belts are made of our unique, patented fiber-reinforced EE (ethylene elastomer) compound which offers significantly greater axial stiffness and thermal resistance than any other belt composite, resulting in exceptional heat resistance, durability and load-carrying capabilities in extreme riding conditions.

The result is a power transmission belt that can better withstand the extreme friction, severe compressive forces and excessive heat that your CVT system presents due to high acceleration frequent back-shifting and heavy loads.


The NEW Gates® G-Force RedLine™ CVT belt was developed in collaboration with championship-winning racers using the most advanced materials and construction, then tested on top platforms in the most extreme desert race events. Extensively lab and field-tested, G-Force RedLine™ CVT belts are engineered to handle the wildest rides in the dunes, deserts, mountains and on race tracks.



Gates G-Force™ RedLine™ CVT Belt Video

The latest innovation in belt technology: G-Force™ Redline™ CVT belt. Your ride isn’t conventional. Your belt shouldn’t be either.