DriveAlign laser alignment tool

Quick misalignment detection and correction

Accurate pulley alignment is very important in maximising the performance and longevity of accessory belt drive systems. Misalignment can cause belt routing problems, excessive wear, noise and belt stability problems. If a new belt is installed without correcting the misalignment, then failure begins all over again causing comebacks and loss of profits. Measuring and correcting misalignment is not always easy, so laser tools can be very helpful.

While a number of different laser tools can be found, the Gates DriveAlign® laser alignment tool is definitely a best-in-class device to help you troubleshoot and correct this unwanted problem. It quickly shows you whether or not the pulley is correctly aligned, and helps you to accurately realign.

  • Detects both parallel and angular misalignment
  • Compatible with all automotive accessory belt drives
  • Safety glasses are included
  • Easy to use