STT-1 sonic tension tester

Simple and precise belt tension testing

The tension of a belt in a drive system − whether it's a timing belt or multi-ribbed belt − is crucial. Approximate tension setting is no longer an option for today's vehicles, where accuracy is a critical contributor to engine performance.

Don't leave things up to your instincts, but base your work on a precise value. Gates STT-1 sonic belt tension tester is a fully electronic measuring device that provides a simple and precise method to check the tension of Gates PowerGrip® timing belts and Micro-V® multi-ribbed belts installed with a manual tensioner. It clearly shows you whether the belt tension is correct, too high or too low.

  • Tool designed for the aftermarket that employs technology similar to the assembly line
  • Absolutely reliable
  • Easy to use
  • All specific tension values for Gates belts are programmed into the device