Power Clean flush tool

Thorough cleaning of the cooling system

Proper flushing is one of the most critical elements of engine cooling system maintenance. Just like engine oil and transmission fluid, engine coolant deteriorates over time. It can also get contaminated with abrasive particles and foreign materials forming damaging deposits. Inadequate flushing leaves unacceptable levels of these contaminants in the system, which can lead to premature failure of newly-installed parts resulting in comebacks and also warranty problems.

Gates Power Clean™ flush tool is a unique tool that enables you to flush the complete cooling system including the radiator, engine block and heater core − quickly, safely and with proven results. It's invaluable in properly cleaning the cooling system and should be a part of every cooling system maintenance programme. It is proven to reduce warranties and unpaid 'reworks' and well worth its cost.

  • Patented technology using clean water and compressed air (no harsh chemicals or solvents needed)
  • Removes all debris from the system
  • Time-saving
  • Reputation builder


Watch and learn how the PowerClean Flush Tool prevents cooling system parts to fail.