More universal tools from Gates

Sprocket holding tool

Sprocket holding tool

(Gates part number: GAT4394)
Used to counter-hold camshaft or injection pump sprocket during release of centre bolt to allow sprocket to freely turn on shaft during belt replacement or tensioning.
Multilock Unilock tool

Multi-Lock/Uni-Lock combination

(Gates part number: GAT4695)
Set comprising a multi-lock, external bridge piece and uni-lock to give wide ranging sprocket locking capability on twin cam and single cam engines plus injection pump sprockets.
serpentine belt tool

Auxiliary belt tool set

(Gates part number: GAT4765)
Set comprising a belt tensioner wrench and belt remover/installer. Comes complete with sockets and drives in different sizes. The tensioner wrench is used to activate/release the spring-loaded tensioner pulley. The belt remover/installer provides the reach and manoeuvrability to guide and thread the belt around the pulley system.
Camshaft sprocket holding tool

Camshaft sprocket holding tool

(Gates part number: GAT4844)
Used to counter-hold camshaft or diesel pump sprockets and gears – belt or chain drive. For release and tightening of retaining bolt. Comes complete with interchangeable location pins in different sizes and diameters to suit the wide range of camshaft sprockets and gears you will encounter on modern engines.
Ribbed auxiliary pulley_remover

Ribbed auxiliary pulley remover

(Gates part number: GAT4969)
Compact, sturdy remover that fixes firmly onto the ribbed pulleys commonly found on modern car engines and works in the limited space of the engine compartment.
Multiposition camshaft sprocket remover

Multi-Position camshaft sprocket remover

(Gates part number: GAT4989)
Universal sprocket remover with adjustable legs, designed to provide numerous fixing positions and diameter configurations to fix into the spokes or holes commonly found on camshaft and other sprockets. Its compact design allows for use in restricted space.
TDC finder

TDC Finder (Top Dead Centre)

(Gates part number: GAT5005)
Quickly and simply determines top dead centre (TDC) position on petrol and diesel engines during engine timing procedures and/or prior to timing pin insertion. It locates into the spark plug/glow plug hole and, as the engine is rotated by hand, clearly shows when the piston has achieved TDC by visible movement of the indicator float.
Automatic tensioner pin set

Automatic tensioner pin set

(Gates part number: GAT91010)
Set of 6 retaining pins for holding automatic tensioner plungers in a “locked-down” position whilst replacing timing belts. Pins are spring steel, double wound for strength, covering sizes from 0.80 mm to 1.90 mm diameter.
Hose cutters

Hose cutter

Cuts fabric-reinforced and PVC hoses without leaving ragged edges. Blade closes into handle for safety. Small cutter for hoses up to 38 mm (1 1/2") inside diameter. Large cutter for hoses up to 76 mm (3") inside diameter.
Hose clamp plier coolant

Hose clamp/clip plier set – Coolant hoses

(Gates part number: GAT6060)
Includes two pliers with slightly different features for removing and installing self-tightening hose clamps/clips and a special hose release hook.

Hose clip plier fuel

Hose clip plier set – Fuel lines/Small hoses

(Gates part number: GAT6065)
An essential set covering the variation of hose clips found on fuel lines and small hoses in the engine compartment of modern cars and vans.