Importance of ABDS Kits Replacement


I Introduction

For a reliable repair of Accessory Belt Drive System: 

All the components such as air conditioning pump, power steering pump, water pump, start-stop system of Accessory Belt Drive System in modern vehicles are under extreme stress, due to technologically, hybridization and engine complexity. The accessory belt drive system is a Power transmission with recovering and extra boost in energy via starter

In addition, the downsizing trends, boosted, advanced combustion, variable displacement and cylinder de-activation, the forces and vibrations to be transmitted increase and thus increase the possible wear. However, replacing a loose component usually only helps in the short-term. This is a fact that often the real reason for the damage lies with another component, which is very difficult to diagnose. If, for example, the clamping arm breaks, the cause may be a worn tensioner or torsional vibration damper, that is no longer intact. If the root cause of the damage is not eliminated, the same damage can occur again after a short time. 

Gates ABDS Maintenance Practice

In case of repair, Gates always recommended to replace all relevant components of Accessory Belt Drive System in one go. Thus, possible consequential damages and a renewed visit to the workshop are excluded.


II Kit Importance

ABDS KIT offers safety and OE recommendations

Do you know that PSA recommended…? 


Gates provides a tailormade kit for the Independent Aftermarket, several combinations, with the right kit content following the OE recommendations and OE Kit from automotive manufacturers.  

Thanks to Gates experience, Gates is also a manufacturer of all parts: tensioners, idlers, Water Pumps, belts,..


The metal parts specialized in belt drive systems and ABDS KIT contains exactly the right components and micro-V belt that manufacturers’ requirements.

Our expertise in accessory belt drive design ensures the reliability of all the parts included in our kits.

The best way to guarantee a reliable accessory belt drive system is to change all system at once, belt, idlers and tensioners all at. Restoring the complete system with perfectly matched OE-quality components prevents costly comebacks!



The components of the ABDS kit:

  • Tensioner pulley
  • Idler pulley
  • Micro-V belts

Optionally, depending on the vehicle type, further components complement the KITs:

  • Overrunning alternator pulley
  • Torsion vibration damper
  • Water pump

Gates provides reliable repair solutions with OEM quality and clear repair recommendation as to which highly stressed components in the car should be replaced.


III. Features

Replace all components is key the of performance:

  • Provides constant tension to the belt to eliminate slip or noise
  • Dampens belt vibrations caused by engine firing
  • Tunes the accessory drive system for proper function
  • Maintains alignment of the belt
  • Automatically adjusts for belt stretch and wear
  • Maintains its correct alignment to the belt
  • Automatically maintains correct accessory belt tension
  • Automatically dampens normal accessory system vibrations
  • Eliminates need to adjust / re-tension belts
  • Prevents belt slip (noise / excessive belt wear)
  • Optimizes life of belt
  • Provides for indication of correct belt length
  • Provides indication of excessive belt stretch (replacement)
  • Improves belt system alignment
  • Extends accessory system component life
  • Equal or greater than Original Equipment quality and performance
  • Quieter and smoother accessory drive operation
  • Extended accessory drive component durability
  • Constant ‘engineered’ belt tension
  • Improved belt life
  • Increases driving comfort
  • Approved and highly recommended by OE 
  • Gates is only AR supplier that can manufacture each component (belt, tensioner, idler, ...).  
    • One stop shopping
    • standardization of stocks
    • Specialist on belts drive system
    • Replacing the Mv system is critical with the new architecture of the engines and their performance 
    • Highly engineered and durable that optimizes Noise, Vibration and Harshness.
    • Increasing lifetime of accessory drive components resulting in enhanced system uptime

IV. Add value for costumer


  • One stop solution
  • ABDS KIT is based on a vehicle-specific analysis of the cause-and-effect relationships and typical failure symptoms
  • Gates provides a clear repair recommendation to the garage.
  • The replacement of all loose parts of the system reliably protects against possible consequential damage and enables a long service life and satisfied customers.

  • Replacement interval:  Gates recommends checking the system every 60,000 km and, when in doubt, replacing it every 120,000 km with a Kit 

 Aramid and Dual tensioner 


Please use Gates Electronic Online Catalogue Web Link to Gates Autocat, to check vehicle application, and cross reference information