ThermalPro Products for EVs


The Gates portfolio of ThermalPro Products for EVs (electrified vehicles) is the culmination of significant investment and innovation in specific automotive areas. These include electronics, software, motor design, materials science and computational fluid dynamics. The three product ranges are Electric Water Pumps, Thermal Management Hoses and Electric Coolant Valves.

What's more, the Gates range evolves from a long and well-established automotive pedigree. It derives from the design, manufacture and supply of innovative automotive products for OE and aftermarket thermal management solutions.

ThermalPro Electric Water Pumps

Globally, electric water pumps are fitted in over 100 million vehicles on the road. Gates ThermalPro water pumps contain a proprietary mechanical design that isolates the electronics assembly from potential exposure to coolant fluids. Importantly, this improves pump reliability. 

Garages appreciate this. Consequently, Gates water pumps are fitted to more than 30 million vehicles worldwide. Their patent-pending technology also improves motor efficiency. This is critical on fully electric platforms, where water pumps can be significant consumers of battery life.

The Gates range has been engineered with a dry side rotor and an integrated shaft bearing with mechanical seal. Gates has increased motor durability and reliability by isolating the motor from possible coolant intrusion into the electronics. This has addressed one of the leading causes of electric water pump failures.

The advanced electric water pump design guarantees consistent and reliable performance and provides installers with peace of mind.

ThermalPro Management Hoses for EVs

Thermal Management Hoses are key components in the maintenance, heating and cooling of EV batteries. They are equally important to the design of engines in Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles. Gates has been a global leader in the automotive hose supply market for over 75 years. Consequently, development of the Gates range of ThermalPro products for EVs includes a Thermal Management Hose range. This was a natural and logical progression.

Thermal hose design is often modular and contains some or all of the following features:

  • Multiple inlets/outlets to direct coolant from one hose
  • Quick connectors
  • Integrated sensors

The Gates range of Thermal Management Hoses delivers high-capacity, high-performance solutions for the optimal operation of motors and batteries.

ThermalPro Electric Coolant Valves for EVs

Hybrid vehicles require multiple electric water pumps, electric coolant valves and thermal management hose. Electric vehicles require even more. Consequently, the Gates range of ThermalPro products for EVs feature coolant valves that utilize innovative materials and designs. These qualities help to ensure that motors and batteries run at temperatures that are both the most effective and mist efficient. Furthermore, they are also the safest.

Systems may contain one or multiple electric coolant valves that perform different tasks. Each valve is electronically controlled by signals that manage two main positions. This enables the monitoring and regulation of the amount of coolant that goes from the engine to the heater core. 

Electric coolant valves are used in the following systems and applications:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning

They work in conjunction with several other components and systems These include:

  • Heater Core
  • Electric Water Pump
  • Air Vent Stepper Motors
  • Blower Motor
  • Transmission and oil cooler systems

All ThermalPro assemblies from Gates undergo a rigorous development process to guarantee the parts match or exceed OE quality standards. Garages appreciate this, too. Globally, over 100 million vehicles on the road are fitted with an electric water pump from Gates.

ThermalPro Product Maintenance for EVs

Various failure modes occur on thermal management systems. These include:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Electrical failure

When thermal management system parts fail, remember that good workshop practice involves prevention as well as cure.

Be EV system smart 

Being system smart avoids customer comebacks by replacing all worn system components at every repair.

Don’t forget to replace hoses when replacing the electric coolant valve or electric water pump. If the valve or pump has failed, it's likely the connecting hose(s) is nearing failure, too. To have the most thorough seal at the valve or pump inlet/outlet, a new hose is always recommended.

Gates is committed to  maintaining a leadership position in OE and aftermarket applications. It is a brand that has been anticipating and investing in the  market opportunities presented by the global shift to EVs. The range of Gates ThermalPro products for EVs features an extensive catalogue of products for over 1,500 applications. This covers 30 EV models. These products contain advanced thermal management technologies that deliver improved performance and efficiency. 

Go with quality. Go with Gates.

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