When it comes to purchasing Gates® PowerGrip® timing belts, ensuring authenticity is critical. Genuine Gates timing belts come with distinctive packaging and labels designed for easy verification. In this guide, we'll walk you through the key features of genuine Gates timing belt packaging and labels, as well as how to verify their authenticity.


  • Packaging Details

Gates PowerGrip® timing belts are always supplied in individual packaging. The packaging is made of sturdy cardboard, featuring a clean design with a clear logo, images, and legible text. You'll find these belts in three primary packaging colors: red, black, and white.


  • Sealing Methods

To prevent tampering and ensure product integrity, Gates employs two sealing methods for their packaging, depending on the manufacturing site:

  1. Hot-Melt Adhesive: Some packaging is sealed using a hot-melt adhesive, guaranteeing that the package remains intact until opened.
  2. Holographic Label: In other cases, you'll find a holographic label featuring the Gates logo and the word "ORIGINAL." This label is an additional layer of security to confirm authenticity.

  • Label Information

The front of the latest-generation PowerGrip® timing belt packaging features a white label with essential information, including:

  • Gates part number
  • Belt size
  • Product Number
  • Relevant applications (engine models)
  • Drive layouts
  • Serial number
  • Barcode
  • Website address
  • QR Code

The Gates part number is also printed on the side and the bottom of the box

Timing Belt

In most of our PowerGrip® timing belt packages, the relevant Technical Bulletin number for this product is printed on the white label, as well as the code of the Gates tool to be used for installation. 

  • Protection System

Gates wants to ensure the customer peace of mind by implementing a triple-protection system on the white label of their latest-generation timing belt packaging:

  1. 30-Digit Product Code: This alphanumeric code, found on the label, serves as a unique identifier for your product.
  2. Double Layer QR Code: The QR code can be scanned with your smartphone for quick verification.
  3. Gates Security Label: An additional security layer to guarantee authenticity.

The reverse side of the packaging provides multilingual information about the product manufacturer and the use of the product, as well as its handling procedure. It also shows the address of the manufacturer, website and relevant icons.

The long side of the packaging displays Gates® Logo, PowerGrip® brand and the box code.

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The “HOW TO CHECK THAT YOU HAVE BOUGHT A GENUINE GATES PRODUCT?" tech tip page referring to the verification of the product - Check here

Now, let's discuss how you can verify the authenticity of your Gates PowerGrip® timing belt:

Option 1: Verify the 30-digit product code of your packaging
Option 2: Check the authenticity of a Gates product with your smartphone

Gates offers a double layer security label on its timing belt packaging. Using 1 of the 2 methods described just below, you will get an indication that you have bought a genuine or a fake product. The new packaging labels, including all 2 verification methods (30-digit product code, improved double layer QR code) are in production since June 2023 (Date can be adjusted depending on stock of old label).


  • Go to the dedicated verification page on
  • Select your preferred language.
  • Manually enter the 30-digit product code from your packaging label.
  • If your product is genuine, it will direct you to the corresponding belt article on the Gates catalogue. An "Invalid product code" message indicates a non-authentic product


You can easily use your smartphone to check whether you have bought a genuine Gates timing belt. New manufactured as of June 2023, our timing belt boxes will have an improved QR code on the label

  • New packaging labels include an improved QR code.
  • Scan the QR code on the timing belt packaging using your smartphone.
  • If your product is genuine, it will direct you to the corresponding belt article on the Gates catalogue. An "Invalid product code" message indicates a non-authentic product.

Ensuring the authenticity of your Gates PowerGrip® timing belt is crucial for optimal performance and reliability. By following the simple verification steps outlined here, you can have confidence in the quality of your purchase. Don't compromise on authenticity, and always check your Gates timing belt to ensure it's the real deal.

For more information, visit our Gates Europe's page on counterfeit parts.