How to identify original Gates PowerGrip timing belt kits

Latest-Generation Branded Packaging

gates powergrip kit Original Gates PowerGrip® Kits are always supplied in branded packaging. 
Packaging colours: 
Red, black, grey.
The logo, image and lines are clear; the text is legible. 
The packaging box is made of fully-recyclable cardboard.
The box is tight-sealed with hot-melt adhesive.

gates powergrip kitThe short side of the box is marked with a white label. The following information is printed on the label with an industrial printer:
- The product number 
- The Gates part number
- The website address
- A barcode
- A serial number
- A QR-code (Scan for installation instructions)
- A product key

gates powergrip kitThe Gates logo and 'Driven by possibility' are provided on the short side of the box gates powergrip kitThe bottom of the box displays the address of the manufacturer and the box code.
gates powergrip kit The Gates logo, 'Driven by possibility' and the kit label are provided on the other short side of the box
gates powergrip kit The reverse side of the box displays details about the kit and the manufacturer.

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