A complete solution for a full overhaul

Gates FleetRunner Micro-V kit

When replacing a belt on a heavy commercial vehicle you cannot expect the idler and and tensioners to last another duty cycle. The best way to prevent road-side truck breakdowns and costly repairs is to replace all components of the Accessory Belt Drive System at the same time.

One solution for a complete overhaul

With our FleetRunner™ Micro-V® kit, you get all quality parts for a complete overhaul in one handy box.

  • All-in-one kit: FleetRunner Micro-V® belt(s), FleetRunner™ DriveAlign® tensioner(s) and FleetRunner™ DriveAlign® idler(s)
  • All perfectly matched
  • Each kit is specifically composed for its application(s)

With Gates you get the most convenient ABDS system repair for heavy commercial vehicles.

Renowned OE supplier of belt drive parts

Truck and bus OEMs worldwide prefer Gates to design and deliver the accessory belt drive system for their engines. We provide a unique competence in system design: our engineers adapt the design of the single belts and metals until they all perfectly match and a flawlessly running, efficient and reliable system is guaranteed.

Just to give one example: when DAF was in need of a more powerful and efficient engine for its XF105 Euro 6 truck, Gates was the first choice to deliver the accessory belt drive system!