In 1917, Gates designed and produced the industry’s first V-belt. Today Gates still is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive belts. Our range of V-belts excels in heat and wear resistance and includes belts for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles. Gates also offers handy, compact wall racks to display belts in a systematic and professional way.

Designed for the most demanding engines

  • Flex-bonded tensile cords ensuring excellent length stability
  • Fibre-loaded rubber compounds for superior oil, heat and wear resistance
  • Precision formed for optimum contact between belt surface and pulley

A V-belt adapted to every need

Our range includes

  • Bandless moulded cog V-belts
  • EXL/ESC moulded cog V-belts
  • ESLM bandless laminated V-belts
  • ES banded V-belts
  • ESPB PowerBand banded multipe V-belts
  • EXPB PowerBand moulded cog multiple V-belts