Importance of ABDS Kits Replacement

All the components such as air conditioning pump, power steering pump, water pump, start-stop system of Accessory Belt Drive System in modern vehicles are under extreme stress, due to technologically, hybridization and engine complexity. The accessory belt drive system is a Power transmission with recovering and extra boost in energy via starter. 

In case of repair, Gates always recommended to replace all relevant components of Accessory Belt Drive System in one go. Thus, possible consequential damages and a renewed visit to the workshop are excluded.

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Rubber to Metal parts added to Gates catalogs

A new range of Rubber-to-Metal (RTM) parts extends the Gates brand even further into the aftermarket comfort zone. By reducing noise and harshness, while acting as damping forces that control vibrations, RTM components play vital roles in improving road safety and enhancing ride comfort. 

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Overrunning alternator pulleys summary picture


Overrunning alternator pulleys: function and operation

Overrunning clutches are crucial to increase the life of the accessory drive components. Before they were added to the design of the alternator pulley, alternators had a much lower output, a 60 Amp output was already a lot. Nowadays, with more electronics in the car, 60 Amp is less than a minimum alternator capacity. This evolution needed the new pulley to protect the belt from premature slip wear. In this article, we focus on overrunning alternator pulleys and overrunning alternator decouplers, explaining what these components are for, and how they work.

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micro V belts


Evolution of the ABDS system: Micro-V® belts and tensioners

The Auxiliary Belt Drive System (ABDS) has significantly evolved over the past decades, but especially in the last couple of years it has undergone particularly marked changes. Gates currently offers Micro-V® Unique Fit, Stretch Fit and Stop&Start belts, as well as the Micro-V® all-rounder belt. Despite their outward similarities, the designs of our Micro-V® belts are individually tailored to make sure they can provide the optimum solution for each specific application. To stress how important it is always to use the correct belt and components, we have devoted an article to the evolution of Micro-V® belts and tensioners. Other ABDS components will be covered in subsequent articles. 

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Heavy Duty Water Pump


FleetRunner heavy-duty water pumps: technical guidance

The Gates FleetRunner range covers heavy-duty components such coolant hoses, belts, tensioners, idlers and, as of October 2021, belt-driven, OE quality water pumps. In this article, we zoom in on the two types of water pump that will be included in our specialist range of aftermarket products for trucks and buses, and give a sneak preview of the webinars on cooling system diagnostics and maintenance that we will launch in September.

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The main components of a VVT system


The VVT system and the solenoid valve

We have made an exciting addition to our offer for passenger cars: Gates VVT solenoid valves. In this article, we explain how the theoretical 4-stroke engine operating cycle differs slightly from the real valve opening and closing times; we explain the workings of the VVT system or variable valve timing system; we discuss the most important VVT system failures; and we zoom in on the system’s main components, including the solenoid valve.

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flushing cooling system


Prevent water pump failure by flushing the cooling system

Proper flushing is one of the most critical elements of cooling system maintenance. Yet it is often the most neglected service in the workshop today. Inadequate flushing can lead to premature failure of newly installed parts, resulting in warranty problems and frustrated customers. Read on to discover how flushing positively affects the performance of the cooling system.

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belt tensioner replacement


Belt tensioner replacement: T43173 and T43139 back plate cracking

The Gates timing belt tensioner T43173 is used in a wide range of Volvo models and some Ford models with 2.0, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 litre gas engines. Some mechanics have encountered problems either with this tensioner or with the T43139 tensioner, which is very similar in design. More specifically, they have reported cracks in the tensioner back plate. While the problem is often assumed to be a manufacturing defect; closer examination of the cases in question has brought to light a common installation error, which we tackle in this article.

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