side winder


Belt-driven stop&start engines: sidewinder tensioner and other innovations

We have come a long way since the days when you had to turn your engine off at a red light in order to save fuel. Deactivation and activation have since become automatic, and both the noise of the first ignition and the starting time have been drastically reduced, so you don’t even notice the engine stopping and starting again. In this article, we want to give you a brief history of those innovations that have been key to the start-stop engine as we know it today. We will focus on the Belt-Driven Starter Generator (BSG), the sidewinder tensioner and our specially designed Micro-V® E-Start belt.

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breather hose


Breather hoses: the importance of a timely replacement

In June 2020, we introduced a new hose line. While such a launch always calls for celebration, every novelty obviously requires some adaptations on the part of the mechanics putting it to use. In this case, we have noted that damage to the breather hose often goes unnoticed during maintenance or installation. For this reason, we would like to walk you through the importance of these hoses, their function, and the warning signs that call for replacement in order to avoid a breakdown. 

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SBDS- tensioner-installation


SBDS tensioner installation procedure: mind the last tensioner pointer setting

When installing an SBDS tensioner, it is important to follow the instructions found at or in the Gates app by scanning the QR code on the packaging. In this article, we highlight the key points of the installation procedure, focusing especially on the last tensioner pointer setting, which is crucial to ensure a uniform belt tension and avoid breakdowns. After all, a difference in tension between the tight side and the slack side of the belt will lead to peaks in belt tension, ultimately causing tooth shear and engine failure.

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CVT belts


G-Force™ CVT belts: enhanced stock availability and range extension

The Gates G-Force CVT belts and the Gates G-Force C12 belts have been guaranteeing trouble-free performance for recreational and utility all-terrain vehicles as well as powersports equipment for some time. Yet not all of our customers used to be aware of both belt types. Now, with the launch of the G-Force RedLine CVT belts, we want to take the opportunity to not only celebrate this newest addition to the G-force family, but also to enhance the stock availability of its other members. Not familiar with our G-Force range yet? Find out all about it!

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VAG EA211 three- and four-cylinder engines with oval timing system pulleys

The VAG EA211 three- and four-cylinder petrol engines have been around for quite some time now, but we have noticed that their maintenance continues to pose problems for many mechanics. And that is quite understandable. These engines, after all, are not outfitted with regular, round sprockets, but with oval ones, which we at Gates call ECO Sprockets. Hence, VAG EA211 engines require specific handling and the proper tools for timing belt changes.

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Kit Calculator: find out what’s to gain from using Gates kits

While the advantages of working with Gates kits over buying and installing individual parts are numerous, we have noticed that not all mechanics are on board yet. That is why we have developed our Kit Calculator; a brand-new tool that allows you to see what you can gain from using our Micro-V® Kits and PowerGrip® Kits and performing a complete overhaul. Read on to find out all about our Calculator.

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The indispensable role of the timing belt cover

No matter how superb their quality: timing belt components need proper protection. Hence the timing belt cover every car is outfitted with. In this article, we will zoom in on the importance of this shield, discussing the problems it avoids, such as timing belt damage due to oil leakage or due to the ingress of debris or other foreign matter.

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Gates PowerGrip Kits


Two brand-new Gates PowerGrip Kits Plus Water Pump Plus Thermostat for a complete overhaul

While we have been putting separate parts in the spotlight on Gates Techzone more than once (like our modular coolant hoses or our electric water pumps), we are all about the systems perspective at Gates. That is why, in this article, we zoom in on the benefits of two brand-new Gates PowerGrip Kits plus water pump plus thermostat, KP1TH15698XS-1 and KP1TH15698XS-2, which provide you with everything you need for a complete overhaul: from a timing belt and a water pump including thermostat housing, to idlers, tensioners, seals and gaskets, bolts and springs. Discover why changing the timing belt and all the drive components at the same time is so important, why you will never find a water pump without thermostat housing in our kits, and why our thermostat housing is sturdier than its OE counterparts.

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electric water pumps


Expansion of our range of premium electric water pumps

Gates has expanded its water pump family to include no fewer than sixteen new part numbers. This addition to our range not only means that Gates now has leading coverage amongst all suppliers of electric water pumps in the market; it also fits in perfectly with our shift to hybridization, preparing for a future in which electric and hybrid vehicles will become standard. As befits the systems standpoint we typically adopt, our new water pumps come with a matching bracket whenever necessary. Lastly, you will be pleased to hear we have optimized the pricing of our electric water pumps. Read all about it!

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timing belt tension


The importance of loosening the camshaft sprocket while setting the timing belt tension

On most newer engines, you need to loosen the camshaft sprocket while setting the timing belt tension. This is the only way to guarantee the correct engine position as well as an even load distribution along the complete drive, right from the moment you set the timing belt tension. Read on to find out more, and to discover the consequences of following the wrong course of action.

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