Gates Introduces G-Force Powerlink CVT Belt Range for Scooters


Gates G-Force Powerlink CVT introduction

A new G-Force Powerlink range of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belts has been designed and developed specifically for the scooter world by Gates. This range is now available globally and throughout EMEA, superseding the previous Boost brand.

After measuring over 200 OE CVT belts and developing stronger build specifications, Gates is the first supplier to provide TecDoc data for scooter applications in the independent aftermarket.

  • Specific G-Force Powerlink Design 

The CVT belts in this specific range for scooters is based on a new type of construction. Specific features include:

  • Aramid or Polyester cords with EPDM rubber compounds 
  • Single or double notch construction       
  • Advanced chemical treatment of each tensile member
  • Optimum resistance to the highest and lowest temperatures
  • Dimensional accuracy assurance
  • Non-toxic chemical components                                                                                                               
  • Certified to highest quality manufacturing/safety/environmental standards

Fig 1. G-Force Powerlink Belt  

  • Benefits of G-Force Powerlink Construction

Aramid cords deliver greater shock loading qualities than standard polyester cords. Unique EPDM compounds have been used to ensure optimum resistance to the highest temperatures - caused by thermal load under friction - and the lowest temperatures.

Advanced chemical treatment of each tensile member delivers improved bonding between the cords and the EPDM. This guarantees longer belt life and provides greater shock resistance. Double Notch construction (see fig 2) guarantees higher performance. This is a quality that particularly suits higher displacement vehicles.

Fig 2. Single or Double Notch Technology

The G-Force Powerlink range is manufactured in Europe by Gates factories in accordance with all relevant EU manufacturing directives. Consequently, they are subject to consistent production processes developed by Gates. This ensures that no toxic chemical components have been used and that they are certified to the highest manufacturing quality/safety/environmental standards. Moreover, it guarantees that the dimensions of each G-Force Powerlink CVT belt is accurate and that all belts meet or exceed the fit, durability and performance of OE belts.

  • Measuring a CVT Belt

To ensure consistency, Gates advises measurement of the outside circumference of a CVT belt to determine the precise length for each application. All other measurements are as shown in Fig 3.

Fig 3. CVT Belt Measurements

A: Outside circumference (mm)

B: Top width (mm)

C: Thickness (mm)

  • Accurate CVT Belt Length is Essential

If the CVT belt is too short, it moves on start-up. If the CVT belt is too long, there is a lag at the pull away, when the accelerator or throttle is applied.

NB: cord position directs the effective length of the belt. In other words, two CVT belts with the same length can behave differently if the cord positions are not the same. Accurate top widths and thicknesses are also essential CVT belt measurement criteria (see Fig. 2).

  • G-Force Powerlink Market Availability

The G-Force Powerlink belts are built to withstand extreme friction, severe compressive force and excessive heat created from high-acceleration, frequent back-shifting, and heavy loads. They are made in three different constructions to ensure that a G-Force Powerlink belts is available for every sector of the market.

Above 100-cc engines, Gates recommends using reinforced CVT belts with aramid reinforced rubber compound and extra strong aramid tensile members to maximize acceleration, shock load resistance and service life.

Engine cylinder cc³

Type of construction


Top Width (mm)

Part number nomenclature


Single Notch





Single Notch





Double Notch




  • Added Value from G-Force Powerlink Belts

Gates G-Force is a family of superior CVT belts, engineered to meet the demands of the most demanding operating environments and riding conditions. Gates G-Force Powerlink Belts deliver an OE-perfect fit with matching shift curves and pulley speed ratios.

Thanks to a substantial OE design and manufacturing pedigree, Gates has the manufacturing technology and the engineering experience to be able to manufacture products that consistently match or exceed OE quality standards. High quality materials combined with advanced product manufacturing features optimize performance, increase product lifetime, and bring maintenance costs to a reassuring low.

The results mean better quality CVT belts for price-sensitive markets. Made in Europe by Gates, G-Force Powerlink belts are field-tested for ease of installation, durability, reliability, and performance.

They are trusted within the most hostile operating environments under the most demanding riding conditions.

Add value to scooter journeys. Choose G-Force Powerlink belts.