3 reasons why you should flush the cooling system


Proper flushing is one of the most critical elements of cooling system maintenance, yet it is often the most neglected service item in the workshop today. However, inadequate flushing can lead to premature failure of newly installed parts especially the water pump can be highly affected.

Gates research revealed following hard-to-neglect facts:
  • Over 66% of all water pump warranty claims is due to mechanical seal failure caused by an incorrect working condition such as unsuitable coolant or coolant contaminated by impurities
  • Over 95% of failed but initially correctly installed water pump seals have clear and visible evidence of coolant contamination
  • 95% of the water pump claims submitted indicate that no flush has been completed
These figures indicate clearly that flushing the system will help to eliminate come-backs and extend the lifetime of the water pump.

A hose and standard cleaning agent might also do the job but using a proper tool is much faster, more efficient and offers a more professional result. Using a flush tool like Gates Power Clean Flush tool is easy and leaves no debris in the system. Watch the video to see how easy the Power Clean Flush tool is in use.

Just think of how many come-backs can be avoided by using a professional flushing tool.