How to identify original Gates Micro-V multi-ribbed belts

Latest-Generation Branded Packaging

gates micro-v belt

Original Gates Micro-V® multi-ribbed belts are supplied in sleeve packaging.
Packaging colours: 
Red, black, white and grey.
The packaging is made of cardboard. The lines and images are clear, the text is legible.


gates micro-v belt sleeve

The front of the packaging displays the following details: 
- The Gates logo and belt type: Micro-V®, Micro-V® Stretch Fit®, Micro-V® Stop&Start, Micro-V® Unique Fit
- The Gates part number
- A barcode
- A QR-code to access the product application webpage at


gates micro-v belt sleeve

The following is indicated on the back of the packaging: 
- The Gates logo with 'Driven by possibility' underneath
- The ‘passenger car’ and ‘OE quality’ pictogram
- The manufacturer's address
- A disclaimer in multiple languages
The Gates part number is also repeated on the side of the sleeve packaging.


Previous-Generation Branded Packaging


Beware of unpackaged belts! If you suspect the product is counterfeit, please let us know