How to identify original Gates PowerGrip timing belts

Latest-Generation Branded Packaging

gates powergrip beltOriginal Gates PowerGrip® timing belts are always supplied in individual packaging. 
Packaging colours: 
Red, black, grey. 
The packaging is made of cardboard. The logo, image and lines are clear; the text is legible.
Sealing method (depending on the Gates packaging manufacturing site): 
1) A hot-melt adhesive
2) A holographic label with the Gates logo and the word ORIGINAL

Caution: if the packaging is damaged or unsealed, the belt inside might be damaged. Damage to glass fibre cord may lead to belt tear. 
gates powergrip belt Label information: 
The front of the latest-generation PowerGrip® timing belt packaging is marked with a white label. The following information is printed on the label with an industrial printer: 
- The Gates part number
- The belt size
- Drive layout(s)
- Relevant applications (engine models)
- A barcode
- Website addresses and 
In most of our PowerGrip® timing belt packages, the revelant Technical Bulletin number for this product is printed on the white label, as well as the code of the Gates tool to be used for installation.  gates powergrip belt The Gates part number is also printed on the side and the bottom of the box.  Please note the protection system on the white label of the latest-generation timing belt packaging:
1) A 14-digit code containing letters and numbers
2) A QR-code
3) A tesa® PrioSpot® label
gates powergrip beltThe reverse side of the packaging provides multilingual information about the product manufacturer and the use of the product, as well as its handling procedure.
gates powergrip beltThe long side of the packaging displays the address of the manufacturer and the box code.

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