Accessory belt drive system Micro-V® kits from Gates

The Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS) powers more accessories than ever before, is increasingly sophisticated and plays a vital role in engine efficiency, reliability and driver comfort. Many engine and safety critical systems rely on the ABDS for power and the consequences of ABDS failure could, in the worst case scenario, be catastrophic.

Don't take any risk

The best way to guarantee a reliable accessory belt drive system is to replace multi-ribbed belts and all the related belt drive components at the same time. That is exactly why Gates offers you its unique Micro-V® Kit: each kit is specifically composed for its application(s) and includes one or more multi-ribbed belts together with the matching metal parts

e lead the European aftermarket, with over 1300 references covering almost 90% of the parc. As power transmission specialists with unequalled OE credentials, we’re also uniquely qualified to offer you the best Accessory Belt Drive System training and support, whenever you need us.

One Name. One Box. One Solution

Perfectly matched OE-quality parts:                                                       

  • MICRO-V® Belt
  • MICRO-V® Tensioner
  • MICRO-V® Idler
  • MICRO-V® Torsional Vibration Damper (TVD)
  • MICRO-V® Overrunning Alternator Pulley (OAP)

When you replace the belt, replace the metals too: this video explains best ABDS maintenance practice.


Watch our Micro-V kit motiongraphic

Discover why Gates Micro-V kits are the sensible choice for accessory belt drive replacements!