With their OE design, Gates thermostats fit perfectly, prevent leaks and keep engine temperatures within original equipment specifications. They enable the engine to operate at its highest efficiency and hence contribute to substantial fuel economies and lower emissions.

With Gates thermostats you get:

  • The latest evolution in thermostats
  • OE design for exact fit and performance
  • The required matching seals and gaskets, all handily packed together with the thermostat in one box
  • Highest car parc coverage
  • Wide selection available: thermostat inserts, regular thermostats, housing thermostats, map-controlled thermostats, reverse poppet thermostats, offset thermostats with jiggle pin valves, bypass thermostats and many more
Gates markets several types of OE-quality thermostats in order to provide the same design as specified by car manufacturers:

car -  traditional - thermostat

Traditional thermostats

The majority of vehicles on the road today have traditional thermostats. The heart of the Gates traditional thermostat is the temperature-sensitive wax element. A specifically formulated, thermally-expansive wax is calibrated to assure prompt and accurate operation of the thermostat valve. Warming the wax element increases the volume of the wax, thereby moving the piston and opening the valve. If the temperature drops, the volume is reduced, and a spring pushes the piston back to the starting position. Simple, effective, and tried and tested millions of times over.
Gates MAP controlled thermostat_

Map-controlled thermostats

As Gates invests heavily to ensure its offering reflects OE trends, you can find a growing number of map-controlled thermostats in our range. These thermostats have an electric heating resistor integrated into their wax element. The engine electronics control unit simulates a higher coolant temperature preventatively in the event of a corresponding capacity demand, even though the temperature has not actually risen yet. This additional heat source allows for an even more accurate engine warm-up and a continuous adjustment of the coolant temperature to the current driving situation.
Gates housed thermostat

Housed thermostats

Housed thermostats are integral thermostats complete with optimally designed housing.