FleetRunner Tensioners and Idlers

Diesel engines and truck engines are inherently harsh on automatic tensioners. Gates FleetRunner™ tensioners and idlers for heavy duty or commercial vehicles are engineered to exceed demanding OEM requirements and are proven to last up to three times longer than competitive aftermarket tensioners.

Built to perform

  • Labyrinth seal prevents contamination of internal parts for maximum durability and service life
  • Patented design provides superior belt alignment and tension for improved drive efficiency and life
  • Chrome-silicone torsion spring for improved flex fatigue characteristics
  • Patented damping mechanism provides maximum stability, reducing vibration and increasing tensioner life
  • Machined steel pulley reduces surface wear while shielding internal bearings from outside contaminants
  • Optimised components, engineered for maximum strength and durability
  • Double row bearings minimise friction for reduced bearing wear and noise

To guarantuee a perfect functioning of truck and bus engines, Gates advises to change both the belt and the metal components. A complete preventive maintenance by replacing belt(s) and metal(s) at the same time avoids unnecessary downtime and profit losses for the fleet owner. Therefore, we also offer all parts of the accessory belt drive system in one kit. Read more about Gates Micro-V® Kits for heavy commercial vehicles.