FleetRunner Micro-V Belts

Gates FleetRunner Micro-V belt

Built to original equipment standards and engineered specifically for fleets and heavy-duty applications in trucks and buses; Gates FleetRunner™ Micro-V® multi-ribbed belts are the perfect choice for your accessory belt drives and other heavy-duty applications.


  • Largest product range offering the best market coverage
  • Low belt profile increases flex life, thus ensuring higher mileage and trouble-free performance
  • Low stretch and optimum load-carrying capacity at even the highest tensions
  • High resistance to high and low temperatures through the use of an aramid fibre-reinforced EPDM compound

Gates knows what counts in OEM quality and makes it count in aftermarket quality as well: Gates FleetRunner™ Micro-V® belts stand for reliability of the highest level.

To guarantuee a perfect functioning of truck and bus engines, Gates advises to change both the belt and the metal components. A complete preventive maintenance by replacing belt(s) and metal(s) at the same time avoids unnecessary downtime and profit losses for the fleet owner. Gates also has OE quality tensioners and idlers for heavy commercial vehicles in range or you can also choose for a complete solution with a Micro-V® Kit. In this box you get the belts and metals that are perfectly matched for your application.