Free app makes Gates catalogue even more accessible


To meet (and exceed) the demands of the market, we not only go the extra mile to make sure our parts are as innovative as they can be; we also continually work on a digital service offering to match. In 2018, we completely revised our online catalogue while, in 2019, we rolled out our digital installation instructions, live webinars for technical support as well as our kit finder tool. And now we are proud to announce the Gates Automotive Catalogue App, available now, to make Internet access to one of the aftermarket’s most comprehensive product ranges even simpler and faster. 

Handy tool for smartphone and tablet

Our free app for smartphones and tablets will make our catalogue even more accessible. Its mobile friendliness is apparent from, among other features, its convenient search function. The app guides you through our entire product offer with the help of a few well-chosen parameters, until you find the part(s) you need. There is hardly any typing involved: just select the right application parameters from a list – and that’s that.

Four features unique to the app

The Gates Automotive Catalogue App is not an exact copy of our digital catalogue, though. No fewer than four helpful functions are completely unique to the former. We’ll walk you through them in what follows.

1. Barcode Reader

First of all, the app features a very useful barcode reader. When scanning the barcode on a Gates product with your mobile device, you immediately get all the information you need: from images of the parts inside the box to application data, Tech Tips and Technical Bulletins. No matter whether you are an installer or a distributor, the barcode reader is bound to save you precious time

2. Additional Search functionality

Secondly, users can search belts, pulleys and hoses by sizes and characteristics, no matter the application. If, for instance, you need a belt that is six ribs wide and about 1010 mm long, the Gates Automotive Catalogue App provides you with a list of belts that are an exact match, or that approach, the dimensions you need. Even though we always advise to search by application or OE number, this function is helpful when you are not sure of the specific belt size required for a particular application and you look by the size of the previously installed belt. Of course this feature comes in handy when looking for our universal air, cooling and fuel hoses or pulleys as well.

3. Select and Compare Tool

If you are browsing the catalogue and come across two products that are different, but you don’t quite know why, you can put them side by side to compare them. That way, you immediately see that, for instance, belt A is made from HNBR rubber and belt B from EPDM rubber (to name just one possible feature that might be different for two belts that look very similar). Also, when comparing different types of belt kits, the option to list products  and compare attributes from various products comes in handy.

4. Automatic Search Log History

Finally, because search histories are automatically retained in the app, you will have access to quick and easy reminders about data for the more popular models. Moreover, DIY-installers, who tend to work on just one vehicle, are exempt from having to type in the make, model, motor, manufacturing date and other application parameters each time they want to search for a part. They can just visit their recent searches to find what they need in no time.


gates automotive catalogue app

Gates Automotive Catalogue App: yet another level of service

The Gates Automotive Catalogue App adds another level of service for our customers. The features and tools it contains deliver significant benefits that make it likely to become a firm favourite of yours – whether you work as a distributor, as a retailer or as a mechanic on the workshop floor.
Download the app in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store for free or scan this QR-code for easy access to the download.  

gates automotive catalogue app