Micro-V Kits Plus Water Pump

Gates Micro-V Kit Plus Water Pump

Prevent failures such as sudden loss of power steering or belt drive system breakdown: replace the water pump at the same time as the Micro-V® belt and the metal parts. When the water pump is part of the accessory belt drive lay-out the best option is to replace the water pump together with the rest of the accessory belt drive system. Gates Micro-V® Kit Plus Water Pump offers you convenience and quality all in one box.

What’s more, replacing all parts of the accessory drive system including the water pump is more efficient and prevents costly comebacks. The car driver is safer on the road and does not need to return for a second repair when the water pump fails after a new belt and tensioner was just installed.

Your benefits

  • High quality parts from a name you trust
  • No costly comebacks
  • Convenience of ordering only one product
  • Increased service towards your customer

A specialised kit range offers smart solutions for the workshop

Putting a new belt on metal components that have already run a full duty cycle is never a good idea. This would greatly reduce the service life of the new belt. The best long-term solution both for the timing belt drive and the accessory belt drive system is to replace all wear parts at same time.

In order to make life easier for workshops, Gates offers different types of kits that include all relevant components for a complete overhaul of the system.

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How to tell if a water pump needs replacement

The water pump is the heart of the engine’s cooling system. So it is best to prevent any failure from happening by inspecting and replacing the water pump when servicing the belt drive system. Read more about how to inspect and diagnose a water pump.