Kit Calculator: find out what’s to gain from using Gates kits


Our convenient Micro-V® Kits, Micro-V® Kits plus water pump, PowerGrip™ Kits and PowerGrip™ Kits plus water pump guarantee efficient and safe replacement. Facilitating the best practice of replacing all components together, Gates kits are known to reduce repair comebacks and to make customers happier. Yet the extent to which mechanics prefer using our kits – and hence, prefer performing a complete overhaul – to buying individual parts varies, indicating that not yet everyone is aware of the many advantages that come with our kits. Enter: the Kit Calculator. Find out below how this tool helps you to improve your workshop practice and how to use it.

Kit Calculator: 3 easy-to-use versions

We have developed three easy-to-use versions of the Kit Calculator. Thus, we help you compare between:

  1. using individual parts and a kit for the accessory drive system
  2. using individual parts and a kit for the synchronous drive system
  3. opting for a kit with or without water pump for the synchronous drive

The Kit Calculator feeds you a limited number of questions (six at the most), such as “What is the hourly rate invoiced to the end customer?” and “What is your parts commission?”. Answering them is easy: moving the sliders from left to right until you reach the percentage that you think best suits your situation is all it takes.


Comparing the estimates you provide to standard prices and labour hours, the Kit Calculator determines:

  • your current commission (using individual parts)
  • your potential commission (using kits)
  • your annual profit potential
  • the annual number of satisfied customers
  • for our Micro-V® Kits and PowerGrip Kits: the risk of repair comebacks this year. This number goes down as the percentage of kits (as opposed to individual parts) goes up. After all, when for instance replacing a belt on a customer’s vehicle, you cannot expect the idler and tensioners to last another full duty cycle. We cannot stress this enough: The only way to prevent breakdowns and costly repair comebacks is to replace all components at the same time.


Note: indications rather than exact numbers

Though the Kit Calculator immediately makes clear what you can gain from working with our kits, we would like to highlight that the tool provides you with an indication for every scenario, not with an exact number.

Interested in giving our Kit Calculator a try? Go right ahead!